Soul must go on!

In June, the first contract and subsequently the first project was confirmed by SOUL for a third-party company; Enusa Ensa AIE. This is an association of companies, within the Economic Interest Groups (EIG) system, which provides services to the nuclear fuel sector in Nuclear Plants.

SOUL has only recently had its global launch and has already been awarded with the “Human Capital Development” prize in the Atomexpo 2018 international exhibition. Internally it has also created “People”; SOUL’s Human Resources project for Tecnatom personnel. Various companies have shown an interest in having a space in SOUL and even in having their own private SOUL, as is the case with Enusa Ensa AIE.

A knowledge management model has been proposed aiming to offer effective, systematic, flexible and attractive learning, which preserves high-end long-term skills and improves performances through experience and good practices. Likewise, it also aims to benefit from the expert knowledge of the group and the effective transfer of critical knowledge passed down through generations.

The proposal covers the main challenges faced by Enusa Ensa AIE, such as the transfer of critical knowledge or the geographic spread of is employees. In addition, certification itineraries shall be implemented into the model to support the certification process of its employees.

A timeline of 3 years has been drafted. The main tasks for the first year have been programmed within a relatively quick period of just one month and cover a variety of minimum results for the implementation of the model. These include the commissioning of Enusa Ensa AIE SOUL, the development and implementation of the first fully digital course and the first experts’ zone. The objectives are to integrate one more experts’ zone, a second course and the inclusion of qualification certificates for the model.

We are really excited about the first SOUL project, and as the great Freddie Mercury once said, the show must go on, and in this case, there is no doubt of that. SOUL MUST GO ON!


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