Simulators for combined cycles, a step towards efficiency

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According to the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) study Fossil Fuel Power Plant Simulators for Operator Training, approximately 20% of the combined cycle trips are directly linked to operator or maintenance personnel errors. Therefore, minimizing these errors through simulator training significantly reduces operating costs.

Having a simulator for a specific combined cycle plant is sometimes a costly investment for the facility, but for these cases there is the possibility of training on a generic simulator. This allows a simulator to be available in a short time, with very tight costs and with different modalities of use (from a fee for remote use to the acquisition and physical installation of replicas on site).

For these cases, Tecnatom has developed a generic simulator for the GT26 gas turbine combined cycle, which consists of an Alstom GT26 gas turbine with one high pressure stage, four low pressure stages and 22 compressor stages. The steam turbine is Alstom with one high-pressure, one medium-pressure and one low-pressure turbine, as well as an Alstom synchronous generator. Its use has been tested in several real power plants, being able to access remotely or opting for the Cloud simulator option. The probability of success with this simulator is very high and this is endorsed by numerous clients.

Tecnatom has wide experience in the development and operation of simulators, but our value proposition lies in our extensive experience in plant operation. We have qualified instructors who can accompany our clients in the use of this solution for the initial training of future operators, retraining of experienced personnel, and even hybrid training, aimed at control operators of a technology other than that of the simulator. Additionally, we also have tools for the generation of training scenarios that allow the generation and automatic execution of transients.


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