Serious Games as a training tool

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Tecnatom presents a new product aimed at improving the experience of the user in the area of training. In recent years, gaming tools have proven to be a highly efficient environment for the training of personnel performing their work at all types of industrial facilities. These tools enhance the attitude of the trainees in response to training actions, improving their motivation and, consequently, the results achieved.

One of these training tools is Serious Games, an interactive graphic environment in which the trainee is immersed in a story in which he has to apply the knowledge acquired during training in order to overcome the challenges presented and successfully complete the task assigned to him in the game.

In this context, Tecnatom has developed a Serious Game for the on-line training of the engineering personnel of electricity-generating stations in the fields of electrical and mechanical maintenance and chemistry.

This tool may be adapted to the specific subject matter of any industrial installation and is easily configurable to the specific needs of different clients and technologies.


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