Partnership with ADEX. Tecnatom will provide new solutions for fossil generation.

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Tecnatom joins ADEX, an innovative software company that has developed a disruptive control technology for power plants.

As partners, Tecnatom will offer the Next Generation Platform of the ADEX Self-tuning AI to its customers’ Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plants in Latam, and Middle East

The increasingly competitive energy market demands to make a great effort in improving performance, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, transition towards new energy models, where renewable energies are increasing, demands more flexible operation of fossil generation. As a result, current generation assets shall evolve to different operation modes. 

Now, Tecnatom counts with a new software tool with a short commissioning time to help combined cycles to address the new challenges of the market. ADEX has developed a catalog of Optimizers integrated into the ADEX Self-tuning AI Platform that covers the requirements of plants looking for flexibility increase and performance improvement. In particular:

These Optimizers align CCGT power plants to the new market context and help them to:

  • Reduce heat rate.
  • Reduce thermal stress and fatigue.
  • Improve reliability.
  • Shorten startup time.
  • Increase flexibility, particularly ramp rates and minimum load.

This solutions will allow generation assets not only to improve performance in any operation mode, but also to react much better to market fluctuations, making integration of renewable energies easier.


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