Our Dosimetry service accredited by ENAC

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The Tecnatom Internal Personal Dosimetry Service (IPDS) has been accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC).ENAC certifies compliance by the activities carried out by the Service with the requirements established in the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard for testing and calibration laboratories, and in the ISO standards on internal dosimetry (20553, 208218 and 27048) in relation to “Direct methods for the determination of the incorporation of radionuclides in the human organism by means of gamma spectrometry and estimates of effective committed dose”.

This accreditation makes the Tecnatom IPDS a reference on the national and overseas markets, since it guarantees technical competence in all relevant areas: qualified human resources, adequate equipment and materials and appropriate working methods.  As a reference Internal Dosimetry Service in the electricity industry and an entity that calibrates CRC equipment for the measurement of activity in the human organism, this accreditation implies a guarantee of technical competence and a real commitment to on-going improvement, all of which increases trust among the users and by the regulatory authority, thereby reinforcing our competitive position.


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