Non-Destructive Testing: Plug & Inspect

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Increasing quality, improving productivity 

Development and progress are requiring us to be ever more productive, safe, efficient and committed in regards to the environment, raising the quality of everything we do up to a level that has not even been discovered yet.  All sectors of industrial activity, without exception, are in the middle of an ongoing process of innovation, improvement of their industrial processes, and enhancement of operational efficiency.

In this context, the safety and quality of components involved in manufacturing and maintenance are critical factors for fields such as self-propulsion, aeronautics, aerospace, rail, electric power plants, iron and steel, oil platforms, construction platforms, and many more.

All of them can benefit from the implementation of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), incorporating visual and ultrasonic tests, radiography, penetrating liquids or Eddy current into their production chains or services.

NDT play a very interesting role in this ongoing improvement. As the name indicates, NDT are tests of materials and components that allow them to be examined without being destroyed, or even altered. These tests allow us to determine the internal state of these materials, assessing their operational condition and safety. All of this without having to remove any systems, with only a minimal impact on sites’ operations, and resulting in increased efficiency and safety of their facilities.

Tecnatom has more than 60 years of experience in the application of NDT in many different industrial sectors. Over these decades, we have developed our own technologies and capabilities that allow us to offer and customise all matter of solutions in the NDT field. The technology that is available through Tecnatom’s ultrasonic or induced-current instruments allows them to be integrated into production chains or optimised solutions, depending on the process required, thus allowing early and automatic detection of defects and nonconformities, and contributing to increased quality and productivity in any industrial sector.


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