New Tecnatom Group headquarters in Bilbao

As part of the Tecnatom Group’s policy of diversification and expansion, our subsidiary Ibercal Inspectores y Consultores has opened new facilities at its headquarters in Bilbao.

These facilities are more versatile and modern and, in addition to office space, include more than 750 m² of workshops with a gantry crane, housing a bunker for non-destructive testing using X-ray inspection tehniques and inspection cells where the clients can take their components to be inspected.

The installations also include classrooms for internal and external training and laboratories for the performance of work and demonstrations for clients with products showing synergies with Tecnatom.

Furthermore, the facility has been categorised by the Nuclear Safety Council as a category II controlled zone, for the storage of the radioactive sources used in the conventional and digital radiography of materials, this being one of the inspection services complementing those habitually rendered by Tecnatom.

The new facilities are located a few kilometres from the previous headquarters (Zorroza) in a well-communicated part of the Vizcayan capital (Valle de Trápaga). They will allow for the sustainable growth of the Tecnatom Group, will improve the competitiveness of certain non-destructive testing services and will strengthen the technological capabilities of the Group on non-nuclear markets, where synergies with Tecnatom’s traditional activities are significant.


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