New nuclear contract in Slovenia

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Krško nuclear power plant (Slovenia) has awarded Tecnatom a new engineering services contract, in this specific case for the use of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for buried piping.

The Slovenian plant is involved in a series of improvements and investments aimed at extending its operating lifetime to 60 years. This will require the analysis and assessment of the status of its systems, structures and components. Tecnatom will provide support for this process through this project, which will consist of assessing the status of buried essential services water system piping. In this respect, a series of tasks will be carried out, including the bringing together of information and standards, analysis of the condition of materials and of inspection tasks performed to date, the identification of possible weaknesses and recommendations regarding the replacement of materials so requiring.

Wide experience of Non-Destructive Testing

Tecnatom’s vast experience of NDT performance and assessment, along with the company’s engineering expertise, have been key to the awarding of this contract, which strengthens our position with one of our main clients on the overseas nuclear market, widening the portfolio of products and services for this facility. This contract comes in the wake of others performed in recent years at the same plant, in areas as far ranging as inspection, the supply of equipment and the development of the emergency control room.



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