New inspection software

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geoidTecnatom has developed a new software that allows for the fully automated checking of the correct positioning of aircraft parts to be inspected, such that their position is in keeping with the inspection plan mapped out.

This application, which goes by the name of GEOID, performs a process of pre-inspection by laser scanning that is capable of measuring the position, centering and levelling of the part on a rotating table.  The results of the measurements are compared to pre-defined tolerances.  If any of the tests fails, the process is aborted and the control is returned to the main process, which then prevents any new movement of the robot as a safety measure, preventing the parts inspected from being damaged.

The new software is completely adjustable to the needs of the client, and is easily adapted to the requirements and inspection parts list.  Conflicts in the identification or positioning of the parts in the field of inspection may lead to inefficiencies in processes and delays in production, which Tecnatom seeks to solve with the issuing of this new software version.


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