New Human Factors Simulator

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February, 2010

Start-up of the new Human Factors Simulator and Workshop Classes at the Tecnatom Training Centre in Tarragona

The new Tecnatom Training Centre facilities in Tarragona were inaugurated on January 25th last.
The new facilities, designed to improve the processes for the training and qualification of the personnel of ANAV (Ascó and Vandellós Nuclear Association) are made up of the following areas:


  • A human factors simulator area: simulation of access to and exit from the controlled zone, with a Hydraulic Loop or dynamic fluid system with control room, cubicles for the performance of in-the-field exercises and a multi-purpose room for human factors training exercises: team challenge centre, self-checking panel, etc.
    Two workshop classes: one for mechanical activities and another for electrical and instrumentation activities.
    Two mock-up areas for use in technical training: mainly mechanical and electrical equipment: one for large mock-ups (charging pump, compressor..) and another for smaller items of equipment.

All these different items of equipment and areas simulate tasks performed in the plant, recreating conditions similar to those actually found.
In addition, in order to validate the training sessions, pilot scenarios have been carried out with the participation of ANAV (Ascó and Vandellós Nuclear Association) personnel.

The main objectives of the new facilities are as follows:

  • Practical training on in-the-field tasks with emphasis on safe behaviour, human performance expectations and the use of error prevention tools.
  • Reinforcement of the role, functions and responsibilities of plant activity supervisors.
  • Availability of an environment for training on technical aspects with the performance of practical exercises within the framework of initial and on-going training programmes.

Several sessions have already been carried out at the facilities, which are now in the operating phase, for the line management of Ascó NPP, as part of an initial validation and diffusion stage.

From now on there is a packed programme of training sessions for 2011, aimed at the following:

  • Off-site personnel performing work during Ascó refuelling outages in 2011
  • ANAV and permanent contractor personnel.
  • Supervisor seminars.



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