New contracts at Laguna Verde (Mexico)

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Under the contract entered into between the Mexican “Laguna Verde” Nuclear Power Plant and Tecnatom, we have undertaken a major amount of inspection and testing work during the 19R-U1 refuel outage of the Veracruz plant.

More specifically, efforts have been focused on testing and performing maintenance on valves and dampers, with four areas of specialization:

  • Execution of functional tests and monitoring of hydraulic and mechanical dampers.
  • Diagnosis of motorized and pneumatic safety-related valves.
  • Maintenance and diagnosis of non-safety-related valves.
  • Level III inspector support activities for UT/PT/MT/VT/RT and provision of expert in License Renewal.

The ambitious scope of this project has required the mobilization of almost 200 people for more than a month and a half. To accomplish all this, the Tecnatom Group had the support of its subsidiary in Mexico, as well as staff from the IAI Group and the Tamoin company.

The “Laguna Verde” Nuclear Power Plant has two BWR reactors with a total installed capacity of 1,640 MW, where Tecnatom has been supporting the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) for more than 20 years to improve the safety, efficiency, and competitiveness of the plant.


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