Multiple cycle refuelling outage contract at Ascó and Vandellós nuclear power plants

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    tecnatom-vasija-800pxThe consortium formed by Tecnatom, along with Westinghouse  and ENUSA, has renewed its contract for the rendering of the  Integrated Refuelling Outages Activities Service (SIR) at the Ascó I and II and Vandellós II nuclear power plants for the next three years.

    The objective of this service is to coordinate between the plant and the different contractor companies the performance of the reactor primary circuit inspection services and all the work relating to the movement of nuclear fuel, which implies a large part of the critical path activities in each refuelling outage.  These activities have been carried out since 2003, when they were first performed at the Vandellós II plant.  Since that time, the consortium formed by the three companies has carried out these activities during all the refuelling outages at the ANAV plants.

    Each year, the objectives mapped out by the plants in relation to safety, quality and programme compliance are met, while the number of activities to be coordinated has increased.  This has made it possible to establish among the participating companies a culture of collaboration that leads in short to the optimisation of activity performance times and the efficiency of the outages.

    The achievement of this multiannual contract underlines the support and trust of the plants and allows us to address the handover between generations that will guarantee the continuity of the service in the future.


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