Metalscan increases its technical resources

N5 metalscan PMembers of the Metalscan team

On January 12th last a contract was signed in Chalon sur Saône for the construction of a new Metalscan building.

As part of a plan for the development of the company, an increase in both the personnel and the facilities is scheduled, with a view to being able to address new sectors relating to the development of ultrasonic materials control systems.  The development of this plan will take place over the next 5 years and the Metalscan workforce is expected to grow from 30 to 56 people.

From a material point of view, the first step in the plan is the construction of a new building.  Subsidies have been obtained from French national and regional bodies, due to the innovative nature of the plan and the generation of employment in the region.  This financing has been possible thanks to the economic support and guarantees offered by Tecnatom S.A., the sole Metalscan shareholder.  The construction is expected to last one year.  Since September 2011, Metalscan has been temporarily renting a new building in Crissey, complementing its facilities in Saint Rémy, in order to cover its increasing activities.



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