Measurement of electrical conductivity and coating thickness

Sonda-espesor-800pxTecnatom has evolved its eddy current equipment with a new system for the measurement of conductivity in metallic materials and of the thickness of non-metallic coatings.  With this tool it is possible to measure conductivities in non-ferromagnetic metallic materials simply, quickly and accurately.  Furthermore, measurements of the thickness of non-metallic coatings of inspected components may be obtained simultaneously to conductivity measurements, thereby reducing part inspection times and increasing productivity rates.

Tecnatom has developed this new product integrally, from the development of complex algorithms to the design, manufacturing and certification of the conductivity and thickness measurement probes and calibration standards.

This new technology has been validated in accordance with the demanding requirements of the aviation industry standards, although it may also be used in multiple applications in other areas such as the power production and petrochemical industries.


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