Maintenance outsourcing

Description of service

As a developer of proprietary computer applications in the industrial field for more than 20 years, Tecnatom has developed the capacity to administrate MAINTENANCE requirements to third-party organizations when the client does not possess the structures and resources required for this purpose.
The transfer and outsourcing of computer maintenance for developments by third-party organizations in the technical and industrial field implies additional difficulties. TECNATOM possesses the technical resources and personnel necessary to provide such services in relation to third-party applications.
The preliminary requirements are as follows:·

  • Applications developed in a standard Tecnatom environment (basically Microsoft Windows)·
  • Sufficient technical reference documentation (in other circumstances it will be necessary first to contract a modernization and documentation project for the application)·
  • Client willingness to share an initial phase of information transfer.·
  • Signing of an agreement between the parties establishing the aspects of confidentiality, ownership and economic conditions of the service.

Technical characteristics

  • Procedures guaranteeing the secure and controlled custody of the computer developments (sources, executable files, etc…)·
  • Change configuration and management control system implemented (“Concurrent Version System”)·
  • Software engineering CASE tools (Rational, DevPartner, etc.)·
  • Modern documentary management system.·
  • System for discrepancies and defects management.·
  • Qualified personnel.




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