Introducing SOUL in the US

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Tecnatom has signed a contract with a large US electricity operator for the creation and maintenance of a SOUL  environment for knowledge management. Therefore, SOUL will be introduced in one of the largest energy services companies that is devoted primarily to electrical energy production in the US, operating dozens of natural gas, nuclear energy, coal, petroleum and hydroelectric plants. This is a landmark project, as it is the first SOUL contract in the US.

SOUL  is a new concept in knowledge management developed by Tecnatom, whose integrated system of knowledge creation and transfer uses digital transformation, expert knowledge and social collaboration as learning tools. Our SOUL platform received the “Human Capital Development” award in the Atomexpo 2018 international event, held in Russia.

The creation of this contract has been possible thanks to collaboration with Accelerant Technologies, LLC, a partner of Tecnatom in the United States, expert on the American market and the needs of companies of the sector. This collaboration permits knowledge of the clients’ knowledge management needs, as well as the requirement of tools to facilitate this exchange within the nuclear organization, permitting the use and application of distance education, “lifelong learning” and other challenges faced by the American nuclear industry, in line with global challenges.

The scope of the project consists of adapting and customizing a SOUL platform for Entergy, in which expert areas have been included in its organization and diverse courses including two models developed in PLANT , the Tecnatom tool for the creation and teaching of training materials. In addition, the Quiz-T-Bot tool will be introduced. It relies on in-house technology, permitting the direct sending of questions to students’ mobile devices in order to facilitate learning and to increase concept retention.


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