Iberdrola and Tecnatom strengthen their cooperation in relation to Cofrentes NPP until the definitive shutdown of the plant

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IBERDROLA Generación Nuclear, S.A., the company owning Cofrentes nuclear power plant (Spain), and Tecnatom have reaffirmed their collaboration in the fields of training and inspection from now until the definitive shutdown of this Spanish plant, scheduled for late 2030.

These agreements consolidate the relationship between the two companies in two very different areas:

  • On the one hand, engineering activities for the development of the in-service inspection manual, along with the performance of these non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection services and tests covering most of the critical components of the plant.
  • On the other, the activities of the Training Program, which contemplate the development of training plans and the delivery of initial and on-going training programmes for the entire plant personnel, including the operation of Tecnatom’s full-scope simulator.

The signing of these long-term agreements will allow Tecnatom to guarantee the supply of services in keeping with the quality standards provided to date, since they will facilitate the enhancement of our technical and technological capabilities, maintaining an approach of flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the plant within a framework of great economic efficiency.

Cofrentes is the plant with the highest power output in the Spanish nuclear fleet: 1,092 MWe. In 2019, Cofrentes nuclear power plant generated 8,386 million kWh, more than 3% of Spain’s total electricity production, while making a decisive contribution to the struggle against climate change by not generating greenhouse gases. Specifically, every year Cofrentes nuclear power plant avoids the emission of some 7 million tons of CO2 to the environment.


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