ETboxMB: portable inspection instrument

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As part of its on-going effort to innovate and improve its inspection systems, Tecnatom has developed a new non-destructive testing system known as ETboxMB.

This equipment is part of the ETbox family and completes the available range of products with a new portable, lightweight, battery-powered system with Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to its small size and low weight (less than 1 Kg), it allows the range of applications for which this type of instruments has habitually been put to be extended.

The software accompanying the equipment has been developed taking into account the latest technological breakthroughs. A simple, intuitive and tactile user interface is incorporated, allowing the user to reduce the learning curve while optimising the efficiency of the processes.

This equipment, designed for the use of eddy current non-destructive testing techniques, may be used for the inspection of multiple components in different industrial sectors in which portability is an added value (thermal-solar plants, the energy sector, maintenance in the aerospace sector, etc.).

The ETboxMB allows for the performance of conductivity, thickness or surface defect measurements in a multitude of configurations, and is the only equipment on the market to incorporate array technology in such a small package.



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