ENUSA and Tecnatom deliver new equipment to China]

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n3 china ENUSA and Tecnatom have completed the Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) of the new fresh nuclear fuel rod weld inspection equipment delivered to the Yibin factory in china.  This factory, located in the region of Sichuan, belongs to the company CJNF and has almost 6,000 employees.  It is a subsidiary of the major corporation CNNC (China National Nuclear Corporation).

This new non-destructive testing equipment for the inspection of nuclear fuel is the first system of its kind exported by the two companies, which recently signed a number of collaboration agreements for the development and sale of nuclear technology to third parties.  The objective of the UT3P equipment is the detection and automatic evaluation of flaws in the area of interest (weld and heat affected zone).  For this purpose the system incorporates the new SUMIAD-HF electronics, developed by Tecnatom for high frequency ultrasonic applications.  The system uses the MIDAS software for data acquisition and SIBU for control and automatic evaluation (specific for this application), both developed by Tecnatom.

One of the technical characteristics of this equipment is the possibility of carrying out the inspection of rods measuring 5mm in diameter, a novelty considering that the habitual diameter of PWR and BWR type rods is around 9 mm.  This inspection equipment is the second of its series, the first being located at the ENUSA facilities at the Juzbado factory in Salamanca.


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