ENDESA awards the tecnatom group a multi-annual contract for boiler inspections

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The electricity company ENDESA has awarded the Tecnatom Group a contract to carry out the inspections of the boilers in its coal-fired power plants and combined-cycle plants in Spain.The contract also includes the plants on the islands, and it will start this year.

The technical scope of the contract includes the execution of non-destructive testing (ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and radiographic testing), the undertaking of metallographic replicas, remaining life studies, and the update of inspection manuals.

Securing this new contract, along with the multi-year turbogroup inspection contract for the same set of plants which was already awarded last year, represents an expansion of the collaboration between Tecnatom and ENDESA in which we will work together to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the different plants.

This contract is yet another of many others that Tecnatom is undertaking in the field of conventional fossil fuel electricity generation in Spain, Portugal, and numerous countries in Latin America.


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