Tecnatom will develop the CSN training programme

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The Spanish nuclear regulatory body, the Nuclear Safety Council, has awarded Tecnatom an important contract for the design of the training programmes for its entire staff, these to be based on the SAT (Systematic Approach to Training) methodology.

What is the SAT methodology?

The SAT methodology is recognised internationally as being one of the best suited to achieve and maintain the qualification and competence of nuclear power plant personnel, guaranteeing the quality of their training processes. The basis of this methodological process is that it makes it possible to ensure that each worker has available an initial and on-going training programme that prepares him for the performance of the tasks associated with his job post.

Tecnatom SAT methodology

Tecnatom has wide experience in this field and has been applying the SAT methodology for the development of nuclear power plant personnel training programmes, both in Spain and abroad. The Spanish regulatory body is now opting for this type of systematic training, designed with a view to ensuring that its personnel are capable of providing the skills associated with their respective job posts in an optimum fashion.

This is the second contract in which the SAT methodology has been implemented for a nuclear regulatory body, following the project of a similar nature carried out in 2018 for the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) of the United Arab Emirates.


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