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Sunday, May 22, 2022
Home Renewable


Official presentation of the manifesto for offshore wind energy

More than 170 companies and organizations, including Tecnatom, have added their signatures to this Manifesto to promote the development of offshore wind energy in Spain and to ensure that our country maintains its position...

Multi-technology hybridisation. Keys, objectives and solutions

The transition towards climate neutrality implies changes to an energy system that is characterised by an increasing predominance of renewable resources. The largely unmanageable nature of these resources and gradual withdrawal of synchronous generation...

CSP simulation: optimisation from design to operation

Thanks to its dispatchability, thermal-solar or concentrated solar power may play a key role in an electricity generation market dominated by renewable energy sources: it can be used as a back-up to the system...

Robotized wind-blade inspections

With more than 2,500 wind turbines inspected around the world, the Eolos robot made its first job in Brazil at the CGN park in Santa Vitória do Palmar (RS). Three turbines were externally inspected...

5 tips to get top performance out of auto-consumption facilities

One of the main revolutions in energy transition, apart from clearly backing renewable energies in order to decarbonise energy consumption and generation, is recognition of the fact that the end consumer must play an...
central solar

Inspections and substitute testing in solar thermal power plants

Solar-thermal power plants are based on what is probably the most complex generating technology in the renewable energy sector. This type of plant uses energy from the Sun to heat a fluid, which is...
transicion energetica

What is the energy transition and what are its challenges?

In order to palliate the effects of climate change to the greatest possible extent, there is an urgent need to switch from the current energy model, based on a centralised, hierarchical electricity system predominantly...
acuerdo tecnatom tsr wind

Tecnatom and TSR Wind have signed an agreement to provide services in the wind...

Tecnatom and TSR Wind have signed an agreement to provide high added value services in the wind energy sector in Latin America, especially in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. This agreement is part of the Tecnatom...
isla electrica

What is an electric island?

The supply of electricity doesn’t reach every geographical region around the world in the same way. There are inhabited and industrialized remote locations with complex terrains that are difficult to access or are isolated...
Energía solar y autoconsumo fotovoltaico

Solar energy and photovoltaic self-consumption

The Sun makes life on Earth viable and, from the beginning of time, it has provided us with illumination and warmth. A little over a century ago, we were able to harness its energy...


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