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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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csn tecnatom

Tecnatom will develop the CSN training programme

The Spanish nuclear regulatory body, the Nuclear Safety Council, has awarded Tecnatom an important contract for the design of the training programmes for its entire staff, these to be based on the SAT (Systematic...
end en hormigon

NDT inspections in concrete for the safety of critical infrastructures

Large infrastructures and buildings, such as nuclear power plants, carry with them the need to verify the status of certain concrete structures in order to ensure their structural integrity.    Although specific standards are...
piscina combustible

The CSN and Tecnatom collaborate in the field of nuclear safety

The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) and Tecnatom have signed an agreement to extend their participation in the international "Code Applications and Maintenance Program (CAMP)" initiative. One of the functions of the CSN is to...
entrevista a alfredo garcia

Interview with Alfredo García (@OperadorNuclear)

Alfredo García Fernández, better known on the web as @OperadorNuclear, has just brought out a new book, “Nuclear energy will save the world”.  After years of anonymity, we now know at last who he...

Chinese SNERDI awards Tecnatom a contract for decommissioning and radioactive waste management

The Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (SNERDI) has awarded Tecnatom a contract for support in the areas of decommissioning and radioactive waste management. SNERDI is a technology company, a subsidiary of the Chinese...
Radicaciones ionizantes

Sterilisation by means of Ionising Radiations

In these times of living alongside the COVID-19 virus, when the cleaning and sterilisation of materials and surfaces are activities of vital importance to minimise the threat of people infecting each other, there is...
libros sobre energia nuclear

Books on nuclear energy to celebrate Book Day

As is always the case on April 23rd, we are celebrating International Book Day. This is a very special occasion as we rejoice in reading on the very date that marks the deaths of...

The CAE, Always Ready and on Alert

Nuclear power plants are permanently involved in a continuous process of safety enhancement and all international events are analysed in order to identify the best methods for improvement. In the wake of the Fukushima accident,...
estandares ic nuclear

I&C standards for the nuclear industry

Nuclear industry has a strong commitment with safety and therefore it has a strong regulation.  Standards and legislation of the nuclear industry Almost every country that produces nuclear power has local regulations and legislation with their...

Tecnatom also works in nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion energy promises to be an additional alternative when it comes to electricity production free from greenhouse gas emissions. This has meant that various countries are collectively developing a (ITER) fusion reactor, aiming to...


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