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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Serious Games as a training tool

Tecnatom presents a new product aimed at improving the experience of the user in the area of training. In recent years, gaming tools have proven to be a highly efficient environment for the training...

The Trillo NPP recognises Tecnatom through an award for the best preventive culture

CNAT, the company in charge of operating Trillo nuclear power plant, in Guadalajara, has recognised Tecnatom through an award for the contractor with the best Preventive Culture Indicator (PCI). This recognition confirms the safety culture...

ETboxMB: portable inspection instrument

As part of its on-going effort to innovate and improve its inspection systems, Tecnatom has developed a new non-destructive testing system known as ETboxMB. This equipment is part of the ETbox family and completes the...

Automatic BWR Nozzle Inspection System

Tecnatom presents its new TECTUS system for the automatic inspection of BWR reactor nozzle welds. This equipment will make it possible to reduce both inspection times and radiation doses. It will also allow the...

Sessions on Maintenance in the Energy Sector

On October 25th and 26th last, the Spanish Maintenance Association (AEM) organised its 15th Sessions on Maintenance in the Energy Sector in Oviedo. These sessions included debate on different aspects of maintenance of interest...

Enhancing EPR Capabilities project in China

The closing meeting of the European Project “Enhancing the capabilities of China in the field of Nuclear Safety in the areas of emergency management and the management of severe accidents” (CH3.02/11A) was held in...

Ultrasonic inspection software

Tecnatom has developed a new software package for ultrasonic inspection known as LISSA. This is a new product based on Tecnatom’s multidisciplinary in-the-field experience of the performance of ultrasonic inspections on a wide range...

NOMAD Project increases nuclear power plant safety

Tecnatom participates in the recently started European research project NOMAD (“Nondestructive Evaluation System for the Inspection of Operation-Induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants“). The project aims to develop a nondestructive evaluation system for...

RABIT 2.0 inspection system

Tecnatom has developed the new RABIT 2.0 robot-operated system for aerospace applications. This is an automatic system based on two robots capable of working independently or in tandem. This new system incorporates a new generation...

Ultrasonic inspection system

Tecnatom’s French subsidiary Metalscan has designed an immersion tank for the performance of high and low frequency ultrasonic inspections.  This new inspection system incorporates the SONIA technology, developed by Tecnatom, capable of operating in...


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