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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Industrial Sector

panel de central nuclear

Training simulators: The Perfect Solution to Guarantee Availability of Substations and Electrical Installations

Training simulators: The Perfect Solution to Guarantee Availability of Substations and Electrical Installations The current energy transition brings with it profound changes in the electrical system, – changes which modify the behavior of grid...
operario en panel de control nuclear


Human factors engineering (HFE) refers to the application of techniques, methods and knowledge related to human capacities and limitations in the development of installations, structures, systems, equipment and interfaces. Its objective is to ensure...
tableta con interface inteligente

Discover the benefits of intelligent interfaces

Intelligent interfaces offer an improved experience for users interacting with distinct control, monitoring or supervision systems, by presenting the information in a visual and intuitive manner. Extra importance is placed on the power to represent...

Simulation technology for training

Simulation has come a long way since its inception and today it is an essential tool in multiple areas of industry. One of these applications is simulation for training, in which this tool assumes...

Simulators to improve the response to electrical zeros

At some point, we have all experienced an electrical blackout and we have suffered the consequences of the same, with our homes and offices losing all power. On a larger scale, a massive power...

Combined Cycle Simulators

In the recent past, simulators were used mainly in the nuclear and aerospace industries. Today however, their use has extended to a variety of sectors. Skill development based on simulator training (learning by doing),...

From simulation to the digital twin, the keys to a good journey towards intelligence

The digital twin is a virtual replica of an asset or process that, by combining design information, process data and simulation capabilities, allows us to optimize the operation throughout its life. What steps must be...

Training simulator supplied by Tecnatom

The company EDF Energy has already begun to use the training simulator supplied by Tecnatom for the West Burton 'A' Thermal Power Station, located in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom. This replica simulator is highly...

Predictive monitoring in Tecnatom

Data can provide great value to maximize the efficiency of industrial systems, thanks to the technological  revolution centred on the information management and automatic analysis. Among the countless methods of obtaining value from data,...

Tecnatom and the new RITA system

Tecnatom has developed a new automatic system to carry out internal inspections on tanks without having to drain them. The new RITA system has already been tested in the Vandellós nuclear power station to...


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