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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Industrial Sector

tecnatom lus laboratorio

Laser ultrasonics one of the best applications for contactless inspection

In a previous article it was explained that ultrasonics (UT) are habitually used in industry to ensure quality by detecting changes in the properties of both recently manufactured and in-service components. In ultrasonic inspection, high...
taurus roldana

Dry-Coupled Wheel Probes. Beyond the coupling medium

As was explained in the first article in this series, which dealt with non-destructive testing, ultrasound can be transmitted through a medium, be it gaseous, liquid or solid. However, they experience special difficulty when it...

Ultrasonics. Beyond the coupling medium

Non-Destructive testing: the need to see inside Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is very widely used in different industrial sectors for the analysis of the interior structure and integrity of parts and components without causing them any...
ingeneria de factores humanos

What is Human Factors Engineering?

Almost certainly, on some occasion, while using your computer, tablet or telephone, you will have pressed a button you did want to press, deleting  a valuable item of information that you did not want...
sistemas de control

What are distributed control and digital control systems?

What is a digital control system? What is a distributed control system? Are they one and the same thing? What types of digital control systems are there? In this article we will be answering these...
digitalizacion de centrales

Electrical power plants are more reliable thanks to digitalization

The electrical generation sector is facing a future of disruptive changes with the implementation of more renewable energy, a higher demand of electricity due to more electric transport and newly developed storage technology.  Power plant...

Monitoring the industrial production

How do you know that quality control really works? That’s a good question. Everybody -or every process- needs to be supervised to be consistent and reliable. For that reason, any industrial process needs to be...
glasstop panel simulador

The all-terrain vehicles of simulation: Glass-Top simulators

A Glass-Top simulator is a type of simulator in which, by definition, the human-machine interaction between the operator and the simulated plant takes place through a glass surface with tactile sensitivity. Below the tactile surface,...
persona haciendo test no destructivo

Non-Destructive Testing: Plug & Inspect

Increasing quality, improving productivity  Development and progress are requiring us to be ever more productive, safe, efficient and committed in regards to the environment, raising the quality of everything we do up to a level...
energia renovable

The Digital Twin: A Reality with a Thousand Faces

The digital copy that enhances and improves the performance of the reality being replicated. The term "digital twin" seems to be a magic concept in this era of digitalization; in fact, the "digital twin" has...


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