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Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Adex alianza tecnatom

Partnership with ADEX. Tecnatom will provide new solutions for fossil generation.

Tecnatom joins ADEX, an innovative software company that has developed a disruptive control technology for power plants. As partners, Tecnatom will offer the Next Generation Platform of the ADEX Self-tuning AI to its customers’ Combined...
central de ciclo combinado

Start-up monitoring system

The power generation industry is currently facing the need to reduce operating costs while maintaining the safety and availability of power plants. Considering the high performance of non-manageable renewable power plants (solar and wind)...

Monitoring in hostile environments with Fiber-Optic sensors

The main aim of the MEMPHIS Project is to develop a monitoring and distributed control system (MDCS) for thermal power plants that makes it possible to act dynamically, intelligently, and autonomously while adapting to...

ENDESA awards the tecnatom group a multi-annual contract for boiler inspections

The electricity company ENDESA has awarded the Tecnatom Group a contract to carry out the inspections of the boilers in its coal-fired power plants and combined-cycle plants in Spain.The contract also includes the plants...

Predictive monitoring in Tecnatom

Data can provide great value to maximize the efficiency of industrial systems, thanks to the technological  revolution centred on the information management and automatic analysis. Among the countless methods of obtaining value from data,...

Tecnatom inaugurates its Monitoring Centre

Tecnatom has inaugurated its new monitoring centre to provide monitoring and diagnostic services aimed at optimising the operation and maintenance of our client’s power plants. What does Tecnatom’s Monitoring Centre provide? New digital technology has allowed...

Tecnatom and the new RITA system

Tecnatom has developed a new automatic system to carry out internal inspections on tanks without having to drain them. The new RITA system has already been tested in the Vandellós nuclear power station to...

Participation in the Smart Energy Congress

Tecnatom participated as an associate company in the 7th edition of the Smart Energy Congress, organised in Madrid by EnerTIC last April. EnerTIC’s mission is to “contribute to developing the transformation potential of information...

Serious Games as a training tool

Tecnatom presents a new product aimed at improving the experience of the user in the area of training. In recent years, gaming tools have proven to be a highly efficient environment for the training...

Tecnatom participates in the EPRI seminar for Latin America

This month Tecnatom has participated in the EPRI international seminar 2018 for Latin America, held in Mexico City. Our Director of Digital Operations and Assets Management (Fernando Ortega) attended the seminar as a guest...


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