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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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What are airworthiness inspections all about?

What is an airworthiness inspection? An airworthiness inspection, performed either during the manufacturing phase or in service, consists of analysing the different components of a commercial or military aircraft in order to determine that it...
simuladores electricos aeropuertos

Electrical airport facility simulators

What is the purpose of electrical system simulator training? Given the complexity of airport electrical systems, the result both of the technology used and of the need to include redundant systems providing a high degree...
taurus roldana

Dry-Coupled Wheel Probes. Beyond the coupling medium

As was explained in the first article in this series, which dealt with non-destructive testing, ultrasound can be transmitted through a medium, be it gaseous, liquid or solid. However, they experience special difficulty when it...

Ultrasonics. Beyond the coupling medium

Non-destructive testing: the need to see inside Non-destructive testing (NDT) is very widely used in different industrial sectors for the analysis of the interior structure and integrity of parts and components without causing them any...
blackout aeropuerto

What is a blackout? Blackouts in airports

In the electricity sector, which is the sector that most uses the term, blackout means a power-cut that essentially requires the complicated reestablishment of the system.  When this occurs in a critical infrastructure, such as...

The utility of WiiPA, our ultrasonic testing system

Since the second world war, aircraft have mainly been made from light metals such as Aluminium alloys. In the last decades, composite materials are progressively replacing metals for the structural components of aircraft. Composite materials provide...

Aerospace and Defense Meeting Seville

The Tecnatom Group has participated in the fourth edition of the Aerospace & Defense Meeting, the most important business event in the aerospace sector held in Spain, which this year took place in the...

Extension of our aeronautical system inspection capabilities

Tecnatom has extended the capacities of the TAURUS inspecion system supplied to the Belgian firm SONACA, integrating a thermography system developed by the client in a simple and flexible manner and with minimum impact. Infrared...

ETboxMB: portable inspection instrument

As part of its on-going effort to innovate and improve its inspection systems, Tecnatom has developed a new non-destructive testing system known as ETboxMB. This equipment is part of the ETbox family and completes the...


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