Setting up of Tecnatom Mexico

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    mexico_banderaMexico has traditionally been one of the countries in which the Tecnatom Group has mainly centred its activities abroad.  The growth of the Mexican economy, new fossil fuel and nuclear projects, the importance of the industrial and aeronautical sectors and the strategic interest of Tecnatom’s owners in this country have been determining factors underlying the constitution of Tecnatom Mexico at the beginning of this year.

    The setting up of this new subsidiary falls within the framework of the Tecnatom diversification and internationalisation plan, the objective being to take advantage of synergies with the traditional activities of the company and focus on closer ties with our end clients. With this aim in mind, the subsidiary has been located in Veracruz, close to our main client in Mexico, the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant, where we have been carrying out a number of activities for several years.  Nevertheless, there are plans for our presence to be extended to include other sites close to our target clients.  The management team is made up of Fernando Román Cosgaya, who has already collaborated with Tecnatom in recent years through our Mexican partner IAI, as General Manager, and Javier Medrano, who has moved to Veracruz from the Tecnatom headquarters in Madrid, as Director of Operations.

    The Mexican market requires the modernisation of the existing plants, improvements in operation and maintenance, inspections and testing and the preparation of the personnel necessary to operate the new plants, these being areas in which the Tecnatom Group can provide the greatest value.  In addition, this subsidiary reinforces the implementation of the Group at international level, widening the scope of our activities and allowing us to increase the competitiveness of our services in Central and South America.


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