BWR Reactor Vessel: TEIDE I, II and III inspection system for shroud welds

Business framework

Vasija del Reactor BWR: Sistemas de inspección de soldaduras del escudo (shroud) TEIDE I, II y IIIThe following ultrasonic and eddy current inspection systems form a part of the TEIDE family:·

  • TEIDE I for the inspection of vertical welds between the top guide and the core plate.·
  • TEIDE II for the inspection of horizontal and vertical welds at the height of the core.·
  • TEIDE III, with the capacity for covering, besides the previous welds, the inspection of the shroud welds and the shroud support welds, which are beneath the core plate.

Description of product

The TEIDE I and TEIDE II systems have a similar architecture and consist of the following subsets:·

  • Mechanical handler. This consists of an inspection arm and a carrier structure with the same dimensions as a fuel element, and this is installed over a peripheral cell of the core (previously emptied) close to the weld to be inspected. The handler incorporates the following movements:
    •  Vertical displacement of the arm along the length of the structure
    •  Rotation of all the structure to position it with regard to the shroud wall
    •  Rotation of the inspection arm from the vertical position (included in the structure during installation) to the horizontal position (inspection position)
    •  Coupling of the inspection arm on the wall
    • Transverse movement of the probe-carrier set on the arm

The inspection arm of the TEIDE I is straight and the scan run is adapted to vertical welds, whereas the inspection arm of the TEIDE II is curved and permits longer scan runs for the inspection of circumferential welds.

  • SIROCO controller for the mechanical equipment which permits the control of all the motorised axes and the pneumatic drives. ·
  • MIDAS ultrasonic data acquisition and evaluation system. It can carry out the simultaneous acquisition of data over 8 channels in Pulse-echo acquisition mode.·
  • TEDDY 4 eddy current data acquisition and evaluation system.

The TEIDE III system consists of the following subsets:

  • Mechanical handler. This consists of a robot arm which transports a probe-carrier set and which is displaced along a 4.5 metre frame. This frame is installed on the core support plate or on a control rod drive housing (CRDH), depending on the zone to be inspected. It consists of 7 movement axes, 5 of which are for the movements of the robot arm articulations and two for the frame.·
  • SIROCO VME / SIROCO 3D controller which controls and programmes the 7 axe of the handler. It is also able to programme inspection trajectories based on the system of coordinates of the component. The SIROCO 3D system is based on CAD-3D models of the handler and the component to provide a display of the operation in real time for the user.

This system uses the same equipment and UT and EC data analysis as TEIDE I and II.

Technical characteristics

Vasija del Reactor BWR: Sistemas de inspección de soldaduras del escudo (shroud) TEIDE I, II y III

  • Family of equipment and configurations with a mechanical handler adapted to each kind of inspection·
  • Inspection of 100% of the critical welds of the shroud with high quality results·
  • Limited impact on the installation and operation of the equipment in other reloading activities. (the emptying of the cells where the TEIDE is installed is done in a compatible way with the moving of the fuel).·
  • TEIDE III can carry out inspections on areas which are below the core plate where access is difficult, such as the union of the shroud and the supports and the vessel, meridian welds of the lower cap of the vessel, etc.


TEIDE I: Inspection of vertical welds of the shroud in the area of the core.
TEIDE II: Inspection of vertical and circumferential welds in the area of the core.
TEIDE III: Besides the areas covered by TEIDE II, the inspection of welds on the shroud and the vessel below the core support plate.

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