Accidents Management and Emergencies

Description of the service


  • The preparation, control and evaluation of emergency drills and exercises
  • The elaboration and revision of Emergency Plans and their corresponding development procedures
  • The elaboration of action guides geared addressed to the components of the Technical Support Centre
  • The design and improvement of Emergency centres
  • Estimation methods for source term and dose calculations in accidents.
  • Systems for dose calculations in accidents
  • Training in the emergency plan and accident management for Operators, TSC Components, Personnel Responsible for Radiological Protection and Emergency Directors.
  • Development of severe accident management programmes for nuclear power plants. These programmes include the elaboration of Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMG), the instruction and training of the operators and components of the Technical Support Centres, and the verification and validatio of the Programme and the elaboration and development of exercises and drills.
  • Design, development, preparation and training of thermohydraulics courses in PWR and BWR nuclear power plants.
  • Thermohydraulic calculations for safety analysis, accident analysis, emergencies, etc.

Equipment or technologies used

  • Specific methodologies for the preparation of emergency drills scenarios. The operative scenarios are designed using graphic simulators or total scope simulators.
  • The severe accident management programmes are developed in accordance with methodologies based on the generic guides of the PWR or BWR owners group.
  • Severe accident management and training tools: SÍSIFO, Multimedia on severe accident phenomenology.
  • RELAP calculation code.


Technical characteristics

  • accidentesAnalysis of the physical phenomenology of the severe accident in relation to the Management Guides.Training in unusual strategies and alignments typical of severe accidents. Preparation of exercises and drills based on severe accident scenarios.
  • Models development for thermohydraulic analysis and corresponding calculations.
  • Application of the calculations to the elaboration of emergency operating procedures, simulation of plant real incidents.
  • Training on the thermohydraulic aspects related to the plant operation.

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