Leadership and Culture for Safety


Our function is to provide high added value services supporting the managers of industrial facilities in the development and application of additional safety culture and leadership skills within the framework of an integrated safety management system covering both the installation and the people carrying out their activities inside it.

This brings together different services and activities that promote the improvement of the safety culture at any type of industrial facility through training and support in its implementation – using simple tools and coaching, developing and applying self-assessment systems helping to identify areas for improvement – and measurement of the degree of implementation of the safety culture.


Organisational Learning


We provide support for the organisations of industrial facilities in the identification and analysis of problems leading to losses of efficiency and the degradation of safety, of both the facility and its personnel, with a view to correcting the underlying causes.  To this end we use root cause analysis and simplified cause analysis tools.  We also provide support in the establishment of operating experience programmes favouring learning by the organisations and on-going improvement.

Promoting good practices and the safety culture leads to an increase in the safety, efficiency and profitability of industrial facilities