Emergency Management


We have wide experience in the field of emergency response, where we provide assistance to the Spanish nuclear power plants through the Emergency Response Centre (ERC) and support through the Emergency Support Centre (ESC), both during drills and in actual emergencies.  Tecnatom is responsible for the Emergency Support Centre (ESC) included among the responses to the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council’s post-Fukushima technical instructions.  The objective of the ESC is to provide an external support service reinforcing the capacities of the nuclear power plants to respond to emergencies.  This service provides just such a capacity,  with the capacity to be fully operative at any Spanish nuclear power plant within 24 hours of being activated.

The ESC is equipped with specific centralised equipment and with a support organisation for its management, maintenance and testing.  It also has an intervention unit available for the mobilisation and operation of this equipment in the event of an emergency.  The personnel of this unit undergo initial and periodic on-going training based on procedures developed specifically for the mobilisation, deployment and maintenance of the equipment.

We also provide services in the field of emergency management, where we undertake activities at international level in the development of  emergency plans and their associated procedures, the development of Severe Accident Management Guidelines, the training of the emergency organisation personnel, the performance of emergency drills and exercises and the development of computer tools supporting emergency management.

Tecnatom has specialised in the management of nuclear emergencies, participating in projects relating to the development of Emergency Plans and Severe Accident Management Guidelines

We have two mobile internal dosimetry units that are unique in Spain, equipped with whole body counters and ready for deployment at any facility

Operational Support


Tecnatom provides the plants with engineering services relating to operating procedures, covering the entire spectrum of normal or general operation, off-normal operation or operation with faults and emergency operation.  The personnel undertaking this activity has wide experience of nuclear power plant operation as well as a solid training similar to that received by the operations instructors at Tecnatom.

We also have an internal personal dosimetry service authorised by the Nuclear Safety Council for the performance of internal contamination measurements and estimation of the effective doses received by the workers at nuclear and radioactive facilities.

Our dosimetry service is capable of performing dose estimates by both direct methods (for gamma emitters or X-rays) and indirect methods (bioelimination due to alpha and beta emitters).  For this purpose it possesses two mobile units that are unique in Spain, equipped with whole body counters.