Control Rooms and HFE

Our Control Room activities consist of applying Human Factors Engineering (HFE) criteria to industrial installations (especially electricity generating plants) in order to guarantee a unified human-machine interface (HMI) that reduces human error and allows for the safe and efficient operation of the facility, in compliance with international standards.

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Design and Supply of Control Rooms

  • Design phases: (conceptual design and configuration of panels, mechanical and electrical design, advanced 3D software, layout of mimics).
  • Dedication of Commercial Grade Components: (instrumentation, electrical material, panels structures and other equipment.  These components are subjected to seismic, chemical, wiring, K3 qualification and FEM evaluation tests.
  • Manufacturing and Acceptance Testing.


Human Factors Engineering (HFE)

Tecnatom has been supplying HFE services for threeTecnatom - HFE - Panels decades, for both new control room designs and the modernisation of operating control rooms.  In recent years we have supplied HFE services in Spain, China, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Switzerland and Ukraine.


Commercial Brochures

In the last 5 years, Tecnatom has designed and supplied 14 Control Rooms and Full-Scope Simulators for China, Argentina and Brazil

Commercial Brochures

In the last 5 years, Tecnatom has designed and supplied 14 Control Rooms and Full-Scope Simulators for China, Argentina and Brazil


Tecnatom develops simulators for electricity generating plants3D (nuclear, combined cycle, thermal-solar) and other industrial facilities using in-house technology.  Simulators are an essential tool for training and the operation and engineering of industrial installations since they recreate their dynamic response in the actual working environment of the control room.


Tecnatom also certifies, maintains and operates simulators already in operation, with special attention to controlling their configuration, guaranteeing compliance with the applicable standards throughout the lifetime of the plant, maintaining the highest levels of availability and incorporating reference facility design modifications.


Current simulation codes make it possible to predict the results of tests, modifications and adjustments to the actual facility.  In this respect, Tecnatom has wide experience of the use and development of simulators for safety assessment and engineering (SAE Simulation Assisted Engineering concept), especially as regards analysis in the evaluation of operating strategies or the mitigation of accidents, anticipating maintenance activities, the validation of design changes prior to their entry into service, process optimisation, V&V and the adjustment of digital I&C and operating aid systems.


LearningTecnatom has been certified by AENOR as regards compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard in the category “Design and Development of Computer and Simulation Systems” and belongs to the ANS-35 Working Group, which works jointly with the NRC on the interpretation and periodic review of the ANSI/NS-35 standard.

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Tecnatom provides solutions aimed at improving operating efficiency, reducing human error and resolving the obsolescence of equipment

Instrumentation & Control and Operating Aid Systems

Tecnatom provides services and products relating to control room information, monitoring and control systems.


The approach applied integrates technology, knowledge of plant operation and human factors engineering (HFE), allowing high added value services to be offered.  Tecnatom carries out turnkey projects or participates in any design, development, V&V, installation and start-up activities.


I&C Modernisation:

Obsolescence and other factors lead to the need to modernise instruments, equipment and systems, replacing them with others, mainly based on digital technology.  Tecnatom helps its clients to address the challenges of modernisation, such as the impact on operation, cybersecurity and licensing.


The projects range from minor design modifications to the complete replacement of a plant computer.  Tecnatom has experience of integration of the main DCSs, SCADAs, PLC s and historic data managers present in the industry.


The early installation of control or monitoring systems on simulators allows for response testing in various operating scenarios, the adjustment of loops and controls and the training of operations and maintenance personnel, as well as integrated validation from the point of view of human factors engineering.


Operating Aid Systems:

These are systems based on digital technology that provide support for the operator in identification of the situation and the planning and implementation of a response.  Tecnatom has available products and services for the following:

  • Alarms management: the application of in-house prioritisation and filtering methodologies allows relevant alarms to be displayed to the operator in manageable numbers, even during transients. The advanced alarm system functionalities and interface facilitate the efficient management of alarms.
  • Computerised procedures system: this allows the operator to track and perform the tasks contemplated in the operating procedures, as well as to undertake management of the associated documentation. It allows for the reduction of operating costs and human error.
  • On-line performance monitoring system: TECSOLCEP helps to optimise the operation of more than 50 generating plants throughout the world.