Tecnatom Metalscan

On January 21st 2004, the process of acquiring the French company Metalscan concluded, making Tecnatom the majority shareholder in this non-destructive testing company and ensuring 100% ownership within four years.  In addition to being a reputed manufacturer of probes, Metalscan has developed in-house ultrasonic electronics and has numerous products on the market.

The company also provides services in the petrochemical and naval sectors and possesses a highly diversified portfolio of clients that covers the electricity, aerospace, rail transport, metallurgical, petrochemical and defence sectors, among others.  The acquisition of this French non-destructive testing (NDT) company, with its important presence in France and Italy, opens up new business opportunities and reinforces Tecnatom’s activities aimed at diversification and increasing our presence in Europe.  Metalscan was set up in 1984 and currently has 30 employees.  Its turnover in 2009 exceeded 3 million euros and its most significant clients include aeronautics and space sector companies such as RATP, SNFC, DCN BREST, DASSAULT AVIATION, SNECMA, AIRBUS FRANCE, UREL HISPANO, ALBERT&DUVAL FORTECH, COMPOSITES AQUITANE, EADS SPACE, AGUSTA (Italy), the Italian Air Force, etc.

Particularly significant in the electricity sector are companies such as EdF, Intercontrol, FRAMATOME AMP, WESTINGHOUSE, COMEX NUCLEAIRE, CEA, etc., and in the petrochemical sector ESSO RAFFINAGE SAF, AIR LIQUID, etc.

The technological capabilities of Tecnatom and Metalscan combine to increase our presence in different national and international industrial sectors with the aim of supplying services and products of high added value, quality and efficiency.


CITEC (CGNPC Inspection Technology Company, Ltd.) was set up in 2007 by China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute Co. (CNPRI) and Tecnatom as a company created with a view to satisfying the pre-service inspection (PSI) and in-service inspection (ISI) needs of the nuclear power plants belonging to the then China Guandong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC), currently the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN).

In order to achieve this objective, CITEC uses equipment and technology developed by Tecnatom, as well as whatever technical assistance it might occasionally require.  CITEC’s strategic position is that of a world-class in-service inspection company providing guaranteed competitiveness, international quality certification and the capacity to render services to the CGNPC nuclear power plants and other such plants at international level.

M2M NDT, inc

Metalscan has also been the door through which Tecnatom gained leadership of the French company M2M, set up jointly with the companies Metalscan, Euraltech and CEA Valorisation (French Commissariat for Atomic Energy) for the development and commercialisation of ultrasonic phased-array inspection systems.  On October 28th 2003, activity began for the creation of the company M2M, whose headquarters are in Chatenoy le Royal, near Chalon sur Saone (France).

The main objective of M2M is the manufacturing and maintenance of the ultrasonic phased-array system developed by Multi2000 and the implementation of the technology evolution required to respond to the needs of different industrial sectors (electricity generation, aeronautics, rail transport, the automobile industry, metallurgy, etc.).

The excellent results obtained from this range of multiple element ultrasonic equipment currently cover the needs of a number of industries (manufacturing control, in-service inspection, the inspection of welds, expert appraisals, components, etc.).  The methods and techniques applied bring together the capacities of multiple elements and the high level of performance of the algorithms used, making it possible to speed up inspections while also improving the quality of the results.

Tecnatom do Brasil

Tecnatom do Brasil Engenharia e Serviços Ltda, a 90% shareholding subsidiary of Tecnatom, S.A., began its activities in Brazil in January 2013.

The main purpose of Tecnatom do Brasil is to strengthen the presence of Tecnatom, S.A. on the Brazilian market, collaborating more closely with its clients and promoting and supporting, with local resources, the technology and services of the latter aimed at the electricity generation (nuclear, thermal and thermal-solar) and aeronautical sectors.

Tecnatom USA


The company brings the corporate personality and innovation that characterises our subsidiaries and will be the reference for our activities on the demanding American market and in other countries in its area of influence.  The company will also serve as an operational and administrative base for the Group’s activities in the United States.


The primary objective of Tecnatom USA is to render a wide range of engineering and technical support services to the electricity industry, in particular to nuclear power plants.  These include activities such as consultancy, training, simulation, inspection technologies, maintenance, safety, radiological protection and the quality control of products and equipment.

Tecnatom China

Beijing Tecnatom Nuclear Power Safety Technology Services Company Limited, Tecnatom China, began its operations in 2011 as a sales office and, in early 2014, became a fully-fledged Chinese company.  The mission of Tecnatom China is to provide support for the products of Tecnatom Group and the performance of its services in the country, maximising their value through close contacts with the client and maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance through its highly qualified local personnel.  The company is active mainly in the fields of nuclear and conventional power generation and aeronautics.

Tecnatom Abu Dhabi

Tecnatom Abu Dhabi, a 100% shareholding subsidiary of Tecnatom, S.A., initiated its activities in the United Arab Emirates in December 2015.  The fundamental purpose of Tecnatom Abu Dhabi is to strengthen the presence of Tecnatom, S.A. on the Emirates market, promoting and supporting, with local resources, the technology and services of the latter aimed at the electricity generation (nuclear, thermal and thermal-solar) and aeronautical sectors.

FarField NDT, Inc.


FarField NDT, Inc. is a Joint Venture between Tecnatom (46%) and Innerspec Technologies (54%). Innerspec is the world leader in the field of EMAT (Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducers) instrumentation and applications, Dry-Coupled UT, and high-power UT instrumentation.


FarField´s goal is to develop advanced inspection solutions for the US market by combining the experience and technological capabilities of both companies. FarField provides inspections services for the Nuclear, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Railway markets. Its activities also include training and consulting services aim at providing integrated and custom engineered solutions for unconventional inspections and complex NDT projects.

IBERCAL S.L.U. (Inspectores y Consultores)

IBERCAL is a supplier of inspection services based on non-destructive testing methods designed for the industrial, electricity generation and aeronautical sectors, as well as of component testing, certification and quality-related advisory services in the manufacturing and maintenance of equipment goods.