We contribute to improving the safety and efficiency of our clients’ plants



The Tecnatom mission is to contribute to improving the safety, availability and economic effectiveness of energy-generating and industrial facilities, thereby helping our shareholders and clients to achieve their objectives



The Tecnatom vision is to be an international leader in its field, recognised for both its technology and the professional and ethical behaviour of its employees, an economically and financially solid company and an engaging place in which to work and develop professionally.

We aspire to be a leading company that is recognised internationally for both its technology and its professionals

The satisfaction of our clients, safety, professionalism, transparency, objectiveness and quality. These are our values

Corporate Values


The values established by Tecnatom are the inalienable principles of the company and are necessarily a benchmark for our behaviour and actions, as well as for those of the Tecnatom Group companies.

We consider the long-term viability of the company to be supported by our commitment to act in accordance with the following corporate values:

  • We strive to achieve the satisfaction of our clients, exceeding their expectations in terms of cost, delivery dates, quality and integration with their objectives.
  • We share a business model based on professionalism, acting with maximum transparency and objectiveness, in accordance with a suitable framework of operation and behaviour that allows us to define, track and achieve the objectives that we set ourselves as a company, learning with every step that we take.
  • We are people-centric, through motivation, participative communication, professional development and reward based on performance and the achievement of results, as well as on an organisational flexibility that allows us to adapt to change, with a management style based on:
  • participation
  • delegation
  • and accountability, placing the interests of Tecnatom and the clients before those of each area of responsibility
  • We aim to preserve the health and safety of our most valuable asset – people – as a priority over all other issues.
  • We continuously pursue quality and efficiency through on-going improvement and the optimisation of processes.
  • We are aware that our survival will be guaranteed only through a combination of innovative ways of behaving and the continuous updating and diversification of our products and services, anticipating the demands of the market and maintaining a technological independence that differentiates us from the competition.
  • We are aware of the need to share know-how via secure, advanced and efficient information channels, guaranteeing in all cases the confidentiality of the data we handle, with the ultimate objective of improving our products and services.
  • Sustainability and environmental commitment are fundamental elements in the decision-making that orientates our business.
  • We promote a culture of safety in all persons and activities, prioritising the nuclear safety culture at all times.
  • We care for our corporate identity, the sum of our culture, reputation, image and brand, as a delicate and valuable asset of the company, the responsibility of each and every member of the company and a reflection of our ethical and socially responsible behaviour, and we look to society aware of our responsibility to it, providing all our employees with equal opportunities and treating them with dignity, respect and fairness, taking into account their different cultural sensitivities, not allowing any form of violence, harassment or abuse and encouraging the reporting of any illicit or unethical behaviour.