Our Code


Any company seeking success must necessarily achieve and maintain the trust of its shareholders, clients, suppliers, external collaborators and society in general, and this trust must be based on the integrity and professionalism applied by each and every one of its professionals in performing all their business activities.


Tecnatom has drawn up a Code of Conduct that constitutes a guideline for the behaviours and mindsets to which all the company’s personnel are committed, since it implies the obligation to adhere to and strictly comply with its conditions.


This Code sets out our governing criteria as regards actions and behaviours in management and decision-making, with a view to achieving our objectives while taking into account those of our stakeholders.   The Code also contains standards for behaviour in relation to aspects as important as human and labour-related rights, environmental friendliness, commitment to nuclear safety and many others.

The criteria governing our actions and behaviours in both management and decision-making are rooted in our Code of Conduct

The employees of Tecnatom Group accept the responsibility to act in a completely honest, transparent and fair manner in the performance of their tasks and functions

Anti Bribery Program


The Tecnatom Group has fully assumed compliance with the tenth principle of the Global Compact (action programme proclaimed by the United Nations), according to which “companies shall undertake to combat corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery”.


These commitments translate into the following general principles:


  • The rejection of all forms of corruption, either direct or indirect.
  • The drawing up and application of a programme to combat corruption, as defined in this document.


At the same time, the assumption of such commitments by the Tecnatom Group necessarily implies compliance with the general principles set out, both by its employees and managers – who are obliged to act in a completely honest, transparent and fair manner in the performance of their tasks and functions – and by all other physical or legal persons, groups, organisations or institutions contributing to the achievement of the Group’s business objectives or involved in the activities and businesses undertaken by it.