Tecnatom provides a wide variety of testing services in components that contribute to the safety and efficiency of electricity generating plants and other industrial facilities

Tecnatom provides services covering the verification and diagnosis of the correct operation of the main components and systems of electricity generating plants and other industrial facilities.


These services include the following:

  • Analysis of applicable standards and the operating experience of the industry
  • Development of testing and diagnosis techniques and procedures
  • Performance and evaluation of tests and diagnoses
  • Analysis, interpretation and evaluation of the results obtained
  • Maintenance and inspection of supports and snubbers
  • Local and integrated leak testing
  • Integral advisory and maintenance services for pressuriser valves
  • Maintenance and repair of the nuclear instrumentation system


The services provided by Tecnatom in this field are applied to critical components at nuclear and conventional thermal power plants and other industrial facilities (reactor vessel, steam generators, turbines, alternators, motors, transformers, electrical cables, condensers, heat exchangers, piping, supports, valves, snubbers, penetrations, containments, locks and dampers, ventilation and air filtering systems and instrumentation systems.