The Tecnatom Group Human Resources Policy is defined in terms of the goals that we have set ourselves as a company, as a result of which the Strategic Business Plan is a constant reference.

These goals are defined individually for each Tecnatom employee, with a view to achieving a highly qualified, successful, involved and satisfied team of people committed to the Tecnatom culture and capable of generating value as a way of attaining the company’s strategic objectives.

This process begins with selection of the personnel and continues with the offer of a stable environment for professional development, with on-going training reinforcing the capabilities and skills of each individual and communications aimed at strengthening the motivation and attitudes of everybody in the company.

Consequently, the essence of the Tecnatom Group Human Resources Policy consists of ensuring that the commitment of each individual to the organisation becomes a goal in itself.


Job Offers

Manager for Nuclear Operations Instructors in USA

Tecnatom USA Corporation seeks Manager- Nuclear Operations Instructors in Charlotte, NC to manage nuclear operations instructors regarding the design, implementation, & adaptation of initial & continuing training programs for non-licensed & licensed nuclear reactor operators using AP1000 pressurized water technology in classroom, laboratory, on-the-job, & simulator environments. AP1000 SRO Instructor Certification & 30% domestic travel to client worksites required. Mail resume with Job Code 535407 to Tecnatom USA Corp, Attn: HR Manager, 3440 Toringdon Way, Ste 205, Charlotte, NC 28277

Give me an employee who is just one of the bunch but who has a goal and I will give you a man capable of making history. Give me an exceptional man who has no goals and I will give you an employee who is just one of the bunch

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