The French company EdF, the operator of 73 nuclear reactors in France and the United Kingdom, has awarded Tecnatom a contract for the updating of the entire fleet of French 1,300 MWe nuclear power plant simulators.

This contract involves the incorporation of a set of modifications to the full-scope simulators in order to bring them into line with the current technical status of the plants.

The scope of the project includes the supply and updating of the documentary packages and also a series of tests to be performed at Tecnatom and at the DIPDE (Nuclear Fleet Engineering Division) platform in Marseille. The contract also contemplates an installation and testing phase at each of the full-scope simulators, distributed around France.

This new and technically highly complex challenge facing Tecnatom demonstrates our know-how and capacity to adapt to any nuclear reactor technology at world level and our technical staff’s ability to integrate with the nuclear standards of different regulatory bodies.

This contract will increase the volume of our activity in France, where we already have a number of projects in various other sectors through our subsidiary Tecnatom Metalscan.