Tecnatom strongly backs the development of renewable energy sources and the better use of domestic energy resources.  Our technological capabilities allow us to provide high value services for thermal-solar, wind and biomass facilities.


The activities performed in these fields are as follows:

  • Training of operations and maintenance personnel
  • On-site inspection of components (boilers, turbines, condensers, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • Advanced inspection of aerogenerator blades
  • Integrated components and remaining lifetime studies
  • Development of inspection manuals and tools for inspection management
  • Spares management and supply
  • Equipment testing, performance measurement and electrical tests
  • Drawing up of operations and maintenance manuals
  • Development of training and engineering simulators
  • Analysis of faults and breakdowns
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Study and optimisation of alarms systems
  • Monitoring and optimisation of plant performance


Tecnatom has carried out projects at renewable energy production plants in Europe, America and Africa.

Tecnatom is a specialist in the design and supply of advanced simulators for thermal-solar plant training and engineering