Tecnatom is an engineering company that was set up in 1957 in order to provide support to the electricity utilities owning the Spanish nuclear power plants in the construction, start-up and operation of these facilities.  In the early 1980’s, the company defined a strategy for the development of its own technological capacities with a view to applying them in its plant in-service inspection, operator training and plant operation activities.


Our technology independence led to an intensive process of internationalisation, beginning in the 1990’s.  At present the company has projects in more than 30 countries, as well as subsidiaries and companies in which we have a shareholding in Asia, Europe and America.


This international presence extends to the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine, which have VVER (pressurised water) and RBMK (boiling water-graphite) technology nuclear power plants; Argentina, with PHWR (pressurised heavy water) plants; the United Arab Emirates, with APR-1400 (pressurised water) technology facilities, and China, with several pressurised water reactors of its own design.  All of these technologies have been incorporated into the Tecnatom range.

Furthermore, Tecnatom has always been present in the technological development of new nuclear reactors.  Proof of the above is our relevant presence in the start-up of the Lungmen ABWR (advanced boiling water) reactor and the training of operating personnel for the AP-1000 (generation III pressurised water) and SMR (modular) reactors.  We also participate intensively in several research reactors at international level, such as the Jules Horowitz reactor (France), the Halden project (Norway), the IFMIF facility (Japan) and the ITER international fusion project (France).


The activities performed by Tecnatom in the nuclear sector are encompassed in the following fields:


  • Engineering services
  • Inspection services
  • Component testing
  • Training services
  • Simulation and control rooms
  • Plant operational support services
  • Emergency support
  • Innovation and technology development

The process of internationalisation has allowed Tecnatom to incorporate practically all the reactor technologies existing worldwide into its portfolio

Success in technological innovation depends on being involved from the very beginning in new nuclear developments at world level. Tecnatom participates in the ABWR, ESBWR, AP-1000, SMR and ITER projects, among others