Since it was set up in 1957, Tecnatom has been carrying out activities in different industrial sectors, such as the following:


Oil & Gas


Process Industry

Rail Transport


Tecnatom provides solutions in the following fields within these industrial sectors:

  • Training of operations and maintenance personnel
  • Inspection of major plant components (reactors, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks, etc.)
  • Component integrity and remaining lifetime studies
  • Leadership and the safety culture
  • Development of inspection manuals and tools for inspection management
  • Spares management and supply
  • Equipment testing, performance measurement and electrical tests
  • Drawing up of operations and maintenance manuals
  • Development of training and engineering simulators
  • Analysis of faults and breakdowns
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Study and optimisation of alarms systems


Tecnatom has adapted its know-how and technology developments to these markets, taking advantage of the synergies provided by the high standards of quality and safety of the nuclear industry.