Tecnatom’s high added value services have a major impact on the efficiency, safety and operation of conventional power stations.


Tecnatom has been carrying out its activities on the fossil fuel plant market for more than 25 years.  The main services and products supplied on this market are as follows:


  • Operation and maintenance personnel training
  • On-site inspection of components (boilers, turbines, condensers, heat exchangers, piping, supports, snubbers, etc.)
  • Component integrity and remaining lifetime studies
  • Development of inspection manuals and tools for the management of inspections
  • Spares management and supply
  • Testing of equipment, performance measurement and electrical tests
  • Development of operation and maintenance manuals
  • Development of training and engineering simulators
  • Analysis of faults and breakdowns
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Study and optimisation of alarms systems
  • Monitoring and optimisation of plant performance


Tecnatom has carried out projects at practically all the Spanish thermal plants, as well as at many others at international level and on all the continents, most importantly in Portugal, China, Italy, Mexico, Ecuador, Jamaica, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and South Africa.

Tecnatom provides services to the energy sector in more than 20 countries on all the continents