Nuclear reactor vessel inspection


Our advanced technology systems allow for the safe inspection of all areas of the vessel in record time, detecting and characterising the entire range of defect types that might affect the integrity of this component.


We have developed specific systems covering different needs, adapted to different nuclear reactor technologies (PWR, BWR, CANDU, VVER, CPR-1000, KWU, etc.).  These systems are designed and constructed entirely by Tecnatom, passing strict processes of qualification specified by different clients and regulatory bodies at national and international level.

The main inspection activities carried out by Tecnatom involve mainly the following components:

  • Welds
  • Nozzles
  • Vessel closure head
  • Internals
  • Penetrations (CRDH, ICMH)
  • Baffle bolts
  • Threaded areas
  • Shroud









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The specialisation of our personnel ensures reduced inspection times, improving efficiency while increasing the reliability and accuracy of the results

Turbine and Component Inspection


The inspection equipment and systems developed by Tecnatom cover the entire range of needs of industrial facilities, both nuclear and conventional.  Our specialist personnel and high-tech systems ensure reduced inspection times while increasing reliability and accuracy.


Tecnatom has wide experience of in-service inspections in the energy (nuclear, conventional and renewables), industrial and aerospace sectors, performing the following activities:

  • Turbine rotor and disk inspection
  • External inspection of ferritic components (tanks, pressurisers, steam generators, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • Inspection of bolts
  • Inspection of piping welds
  • Piping thickness measurement
  • Surveillance of erosion/corrosion and microbiological corrosion (MIC) processes in piping

Tecnatom offers the best integrated solution from the point of view of the user, using in-house technology for the inspection of steam generators and heat exchangers

Inspection of Steam Generators and Heat Exchangers


The quality of our steam generator and heat exchanger inspection services is the result of our approach to technology development, with the inspection and development personnel working together, specifying, designing and validating the equipment and techniques used in inspecting these components.


Tecnatom offers the best integrated solution using in-house technology that includes every element of the inspection chain, from inspection probes, data acquisition instruments and robotized equipment to the acquisition and analysis software, as well as database administration, all this managed by top professionals.


Our equipment achieve high remote conectivity capabilites, making it possible for the data acquisition operators, analysts and resolution personnel to work hand in hand, despite their possibly being in different locations.  The client is able to track the progress of the inspection tasks and the results obtained on-line at all times.

Nuclear Fuel


Tecnatom has developed a full set of automated equipment to cover the client needs concerning the inspection and characterization of nuclear fuel (fresh and irradiated) in a long-term collaboration with Grupo Enusa (the Spanish fuel manufacturing company).


Most of this automated equipment have been fully designed and manufactured by Tecnatom-Enusa and validated for national and international clients understrict specifications, in order to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of these inspection systems.


These advanced solutions provide a wide range of nuclear fuel characteristics:

  • Integrity of welds during the fuel manufacturing phase
  • Determination of enrichment and defects during the fuel manufacturing phase
  • Identification of defects in fresh fuel rods
  • Measurement of oxide layer, loss of thickness, loss of cross-section and cracking in irradiated fuel rods
  • Dimensional characterisation of irradiated fuel assemblies (lenght, bending, tilting, etc.)
  • Measurement of irradiated fuel assembly rod length
  • Radiological characterisation of irradiated fuel (burn-up, cooling time, neutronic flux, etc.)
  • Detection of leaking irradiated fuel rods


Additionally, Tecnatom has designed and manufactured an advanced system for the inspection of control rods bundles, CRONOS©, which simultaneously combines ultrasonic and eddy current technologies.  This system makes it possible to detect and dimension any type of specific or postulated flaw.