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Tecnatom's facilities at MadridTecnatom is an engineering company that has provided services to the nuclear industry since its creation in 1957. The company’s main activity centers on the rendering of inspection and component structural integrity services, the training of operations personnel by means of full-scope simulators and engineering in support of plant operation.

The owners of Tecnatom are the Spanish electricity utilities with interest in the country’s nuclear power plants and the company currently has more than 750 employees, approximately 50% of which are post-graduates, this being explained by the complex technologies associated with the service that it provides.

During the last decade, Tecnatom has diversified its services and products on the international market, taking them to other industrial sectors such as aeronautics, the petrochemical sector, etc.

The company supplies services and products with a high technological component, which it improves continuously in order to adapt to the needs and requirements of the clients and markets. To achieve this improvement, the company has implemented a Technological Innovation Plan, which implies the heavy investments necessary to maintain technological leadership on the national and international markets. Having developed in-house products means that the latter may be supplied to others, thus initiating a diversification of the company’s activities and taking it from being a supplier of services to also being a supplier of products. Consequently, diversification is almost an obligation, not only in order to increase the economic activity of the company but also to address and undertake technological innovations that would not be profitable if used only for the services that Tecnatom provides to the nuclear sector.

In addition to the different areas of the national market, including the nuclear sector, conventional thermal and hydroelectric power, combined cycles, the petrochemical industry, aeronautics, etc., the international markets have also become a natural stage for the day to day activities of Tecnatom, as is reflected by the fact that during the last decade projects have been carried out in more than 30 countries with nuclear power plants, from the United States to Japan and including Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the Eastern European countries, Russia, Ukraine, etc., and also that the company’s working methods have been validated by different clients and regulatory authorities at international level.

Looking towards the coming years, Tecnatom firmly intends to continue its intense commercial activity, based on the extension and updating of its technologies in order to strengthen its current position of leadership on the overseas market, a goal that not only includes the nuclear sector but also other industrial sectors, mainly aeronautics.

Tecnatom's facilities at L'Hospitalet de l'InfantGlobally, and in view of the current market trend towards the contracting of major multi-service packages and the strong integration of suppliers that has taken place in recent years, Tecnatom has opted for a policy of global strategic agreements with several of the main suppliers, the aim being to be able to specialize in high added value services that may be offered to any client, without geographical limitations, the company in many cases leading the bids submitted. As a result, Tecnatom’s technological capabilities, products and services will continue to be present on the national and international markets, either directly or through these strategic agreements with the main suppliers.

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