As with the other markets it serves (Nuclear, Combined Cycle and Thermal, Aeronautics and Space, Railways), Tecnatom has been carrying out its activities in the petrochemical market for the last 20 years.

The main services and products supplied to this market are as follows:

Tecnatom develops its activities throughout Spain and abroad from its headquarters in Madrid, from its offices in Tarragona, from its french subsidiaries Metalscan and M2M and from its joint venture CITEC in China attending to the needs of all the large companies in the sector. It employs highly qualified personnel in all areas of work and its equipment and installations are of the highest technological level, meaning that it can respond to the ever more demanding requirements and needs of our clients, providing the highest levels of satisfaction.

References in the Petrochemical market are as follows: Air Liquide, ASESA, BP, Basf Española, Bayer Hispania, Cepsa Campo de Gibraltar, Cepsa Huelva, Cepsa Aviación, Cepsa Tenerife, Petrocan, CLH, Disa, Dow Chemical Cracking, Dow Chemical Plastics, Dupont Avilés, AG Dupont Ibérica, Exxon Mobil, Fertiberia, GE Plastics, Petronor, Repsol Coruña, Repsol Tarragona, Repsol Cartagena, Repsol Puertollano, Sabic IP, Totalfina, Texaco, Celesa, Grupo Químico Túnez, Voridian, Pemex.

Likewise, Tecnatom’s policy for technological development means that it can design products, which are adapted to the needs of its clients in the Petrochemical market. To do this, research is carried out in close collaboration with the final user, leading to the development of a new product for a specific application that had previously not been covered. This is the case of the NART project, the development of a technique based on ultrasonics for the quantitative characterisation of damages caused to reformed tubes, or the SMS project for the automatic inspection of the welds in distillation columns, the pipes of cokification ovens or the walls of water boilers, developed in collaboration with Repsol and Dow Chemical.

Finally, in order to broaden the range of services offered and to give an integrated response to the needs of our clients in the Petrochemical market, Tecnatom has made strategic agreements with specialist companies which compliment its technological capabilities and with renowned research institutions and centres such as the "Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade" (ISQ) of Portugal, "Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas" (CENIM), "L'Institute du soudure"  and "Fundación Inasmet". These agreements mean that it can provide its clients with an integrated solution in areas such as the inspection of components, going from the proposal of an inspection plan to the design of a future maintenance programme.

In view of the foregoing, and counting on its tried and tested experience in the field, Tecnatom is able to supply the service or product to cover the requirements of its clients in the petrochemical sector, being a solid, reliable and stable company with renowned prestige in sectors as demanding as the nuclear and aeronautical markets.

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