Simulation and Control Rooms


Simulators are an essential resource for training, operation and engineering at industrial facilities. Tecnatom first got involved in this activity in the electricity generating sector and subsequently extended it to cover the entire electricity and industrial sector.


Control rooms

Tecnatom has available methodologies for the Design of New Control Rooms and the Modernisation of those already in existence and possesses full-scope Control Room Simulators that allow for the Verification and Validation of the designs developed.


Instrumentation and Control

This is the area in charge of all the services and products associated with the new analogue and digital information, monitoring and control systems operated from the Control Rooms.
Simulation is a key technology in training and engineering. The experience acquired over more than 30 years in activities associated with simulation, linked initially to training on the national nuclear market, has now been extended to other national and international markets. The need for technological independence and the continuous application of resources to research and development, along with the desire to meet the specific requirements of the clients, have led TECNATOM to develop equipment and system design and manufacturing capabilities in the area of training, operation and engineering support.

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