Tecnatom provides integrated services covering activities for the management of nuclear power plant refuelling outages

Technical Advisory Services in relation to Standards and Application to In-Service Inspection

  • Direct advisory services to industrial facilities on the application of standards and operating experience for in-service inspection programmes.
  • Drawing up of specific proposals in relation to new standards or operating experiences that might be applicable to nuclear power plants or other industrial facilities.
  • Development, maintenance and operation of computer systems for the management of consulting services on codes and standards, operating experience and in-service inspection and testing.
  • Management of integrated refuelling outage activities services.

Dedication of Equipment and Environmental Qualification

Our capabilities allow us to undertake the dedication of equipment in accordance with international recommendations (EPRI NP-6406, EPRI NP-6629, EPRI NP-5652 & TR-102260, EPRI TR-017218 R1, etc.) and with the international nuclear standards IEEE 323, IEEE 344, RCC-E-IEC 60980, 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B, 10 CFR Part 21 and NQA-1.


The Tecnatom environmental qualification laboratory is equipped with a specific facility for the simulation and testing of equipment under the postulated accident conditions contemplated in nuclear power plant design, as well as with capabilities for the performance of different tests:

  • Accelerated ageing test (thermal, mechanical, irradiation and vibration)
  • Simulation of design basis accidents (LOCA, MSLB and HELB)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Dynamic and seismic testing
  • Finite elements seismic analysis

Tecnatom desarrolla varias líneas de ingeniería destinadas a la gestión de vida para la operación a largo plazo de las centrales nucleares

Materials and Lifetime Management

Tecnatom performs materials and lifetime management studies aimed at guaranteeing the overall structural integrity of the main components of industrial facilities, such that their safe operation may be managed beyond their design lifetime.


The following are among the activities performed:

  • Structural and fracture mechanics analysis, including thermal-stress calculations of equipment and components for different operating conditions
  • Drawing up of defect acceptance criteria
  • Estimation of component lifetime consumption and/or remaining lifetime
  • Piping system flexibility analysis for checking of the stress limits required by the applicable codes
  • Performance of nuclear reactor vessel embrittlement surveillance programmes
  • Drawing up of nuclear reactor coolant pressure-temperature operating limit curves
  • Calculations of neutron flux in nuclear reactor vessels and their internals
  • Design of electricity generating plant lifetime management programme


Tecnatom offers its clients different tailored solutions for the supply of spares for original items of equipment, either by developing compatible alternative equipment and spares or by repairing or updating the originals, maintaining their qualification.


In the event of disappearance of the original manufacturer of the equipment, or if the latter has become obsolete prior to the end of the design lifetime of the facility, Tecnatom provides support through the following activities:

  • Repair of nuclear class valves, on site or at our premises
  • Renewal of obsolete valves
  • Maintenance and repair of nuclear class electrical equipment
  • Design, supply, installation and maintenance of electrical penetrations

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